Assalamu Alaikum , As u all must know that I have been doing Dawah for more than 25 years and my lectures are there on media and social media like facebook, youtube everywhere and I was expecting that I am living in a country India which is not very comfortable for the Muslims and I have been doing dawah and I thought and I was sure that one day that there will be trouble and that was the reason we have to take the steps we could. Recently 3 years back there is a new government which came into the power and we have a new prime minister Narender Modi and we all knew that about 15 years back when he was the chief minister of (Gujrat) one of the states in India. There are many Ngo's, many organizations have given several reports that he was responsible for killings of more than 2 thousand Muslims and we all know that lot of countries around the world files a case against him. He was not given entry to UK and USA and he was not allowed to enter many countries of the world for several years. 3 years back there was an election and he won that election and became the prime minister and when he became the prime minister all the sanctions were removed and that's a democracy. It doesn't matter who you are. You won the election you can do anything and he traveled lot countries including Muslim countries to build the relationship in his first 3 years and its known the party which he belongs to is against the Muslims and we expect this. Last year there was a terrorist attack that took place in Bangladesh and they killed 6 terrorist and 6 foreigners and It terrorist happened to be my fan on Facebook. It was a small article that came in the Bangladeshi newspaper that one of the terrorists is a fan of Dr. Zakir Naik. I have the 16 million fans on Facebook so out of 16 million 1 likes me. Alhamdullilah peace tv has a 200 million viewership so if you catch a Muslim there is a high % of a chance he knows me. If you say any Muslim are you a fan of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) he says yes and can you blame Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) if he does anything wrong. Here we find that Indian media quote me out of context and after 1 day you will see every headline on newspaper and electronic media reporting that Dr. Zakir Naik inspired terrorist.

Suddenly I go viral not only in India but in the world. I was trending on twitter and facebook and after that Alhamdulillah, many Muslim organizations in different parts of India they protested like in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kerala and Kashmir and one thing is good Masha Allah that the people who differed with me. U know that difference of opinions even they stood up and saying we disagree with you and Dr. Zakir Naik is not a terrorist and after 3 months they ban my organization ISLAMIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION and they ban it for 5 years claiming that he is promoting terrorism. You all know that I am in the field of Dawah for more than 2 decades now and the select my lectures and quote me out of context and say I am promoting terrorism. This lectures which I have given 10 or 15 years before. If they are promoting terrorism than why suddenly. It's mainly because of my popularity and it's shocking that many years before India government has called me to give a lecture on religion in the national academy in Hyderabad. National academy is a largest police training institute. It's a very precious institute and not only once but twice I have given a lecture there so imagine. They have chosen my lectures which I have given before 15 years and they promoting me as out of context and trying to prove to the world that I am inspiring terrorism and as you may are aware that world economic forum had said that the 2nd most unjust media is the Indian media. Alhamdullilah I have been awarded the most prestigious award in the world that is king Faisal award for the service to Islam. I have been awarded in Malaysia and I have been the guest of state in many countries including some non-Muslim countries. I have been invited in many countries so the Indian government is claiming that I am promoting terrorism so they are indirectly claiming that Saudi Arabia is promoting terrorism, Malaysia is promoting terrorism and UAE is promoting terrorism. It's all illogical. They are saying yes previous government promotes Zakir and we are very strong and we are right. It's illogical absolutely illogical and if you compare recently there was an Election of a state in India called Uttar Pradesh. Its the biggest state in India and do you know the person who stood for election is a Hindu priest and he told in his election campaign and it's in the record that the graves of Muslim women should be dragged and they should be raped and even after saying this he won the election.

He belongs to the same party as the prime minister of India. The irony is not that he won the election they even made him the chief minister of the state so it means if you insult and abuse Muslims you will become the chief minister... imagine what he has said.. dig the graves of Muslim women and rape them. Is this democracy. Whatever I was hearing I hear it from media and I didn't receive any official letter when they invite me I came on video conferencing. They are claiming I am doing money laundering and when they invite me for interrogation I said ok I will come on skype and I will come on video conferencing they so no no we want you physically and physically we know the history of India, we know the history of Indian police. Out of those people Muslims arrest for terrorism 98% are set free but after 10 years after 15 years, their lives are ruined. Recently a Muslim boy namely Abdul Wahid he was arrested on the charges of terrorism than was let free after 8 years. He writes a book on how he was tortured. The first grade of torture, 2nd grade of torture and the 3rd grade of torture and he said how he was mentally tortured first and how they put current on his private parts and how did they do the physically tortured and the fourth grade is that they even molest lady members of the family, the mother of the victim, the sisters of the victim.

Its known to the world and you are expecting me to go there, do you really think I am a fool and some people say o you are such a coward and I say I am not a coward, Its a sunnah of the Prophet. When It's difficult to practice your Deen and propagate your Deen there. India by law we are allowed to preach and propagate our religion. I did not break a single Indian law. Its allowed by law for me to preach and propagate my religion and Alhamdulillah its a blessing of Allah that a lot of Hindus accepting Islam after my lectures and the majority of Hindus are good. They love the Muslims. It's these politicians who actually instigate them to do action against the Muslims. Now Indian Muslims are being lynched on allegations that they are eating beef, they are beaten to death in public and the police say we are investigating that whether its a beef or meat. They beat Muslims to death and just investigate so the time in India is very bad and I am thanking Allah the almighty to took me out the right time and as far as investigation is concern I am ready to cooperate but they don't want me to interrogate on phone because when they interrogate me on the phone, in the media. I would love it and let the audience see. Why are they want to do it in private because they have something to hide and in private they can threaten me, they can torture me that they can not do it on phone or on video conferencing so this is nothing but tactics and now media saying that we have already given you warning and you didn't respond so they issue a Non bailable warrant against me and now they are requesting Indian government to request the inter-poll to put Zakir Naik on red corner notice and anywhere in the world any country find him and send him to india.