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All Praise be to Allah.

My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, hanging a taweez (amulet) is forbidden and is a major sin. Allah will forgive any sin but not the sin of associating something with him. He will never forgive if one happens to give something more valuable than Him.

Moreover, Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) said: “Whoever hangs up anything, will be entrusted to its care” [Abu Dawood]

This is a serious problem and must be avoided. We discussed the ruling on Amulets in the previous post, in this article we will try to focus on how we can destroy Taweez. InshaAllah.

Before destroying a taweez you must ensure that you pray 5 times a day and you can protect yourself from any cruse that it may contain. If you feel that you are not fit for the job than seek assistance from the one who is more practicing than you are.
Before you open a Taweez make sure you are Tahir (pure). Keep these things near:

1. Clean surface

2. Cutter/scissor, pliers, screw drivers made from metal iron.

3. A glass of water.

4. lighter

Read 3 Qul (Surah Al-Iqhlas, Surah Al-Falak, Surah an-Naas) and blow on the glass of water. D this 3 times.

Say Bismillah and Start undoing the knots, if any on the outside from the Taweez.

If it is in leather pouch use cutter to open the leather casing.

Pull out the Taweez. Most of the Taweez are wrapped in another piece of thread if yours has one then undo the knots and put this thread in the glass of water, just to be safe.

Open the piece of paper carefully.

If you see numbers and symbols along with aayat of Quran then it is a Taweez that is used to seek the help of devils.

Put this paper in the glass of water.
Take it out and tear it to pieces and let it dry. After it is dried, burn it off. That is the end of that Taweez.

You will need pliers and screwdrivers to open the Taweez that are enclosed in a metal case. They are hard to open and a simple cutter may not work.

An icon file can be used to destroy any engravings on rings and bracelets. After that break them and break their knot.

It is important to open each and every knot in a Taweez to nullify it completely.

May Allah protect us all.

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