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The day before the Prophet (saw) passed away, He said this one keep the peace of advice, always have good expectations from Allah and that's something very important, we are struggling and we are dealing with some spiritual bleakness. People lack hope and people don't see any lights on the horizon. We need to renew our Imaan and know who we believe in and His might and His power, and His greatness and He can bring light in the middle of the night.

He can diliver us from the most overwhelming of circumtances and He will make away you just have to believe always know that Allah will make a way for you and Allah will help you and then another very powerful message from the life of the Prophet (saw), pray your Salah, give your Zakat and look after to fulfil the rights of the people that you are responsible for this is the balance that we have to learn to strike in our lives and maintain your relationship with Allah and the primary from of that is keeping up with your prayers and then secondly take care of the people, value the people, cherish the people, care for the people that Allah has given you responsibility over and we will be asked about it.

We will be accounted for it and there is a reckoning that is coming and Allah will readily forgive over indiscretions but when we violate other peoples rights, it's not gonna work and that's something that won't be so easily forgiven and we will be held to account for it. Fix your character, repair your relationships and learn to be more responsible in your personal life and towards the people who have rights upon you and lastly and finally Prophet (saw), He went a week before He passed away and He called one of the other people the Prophet (saw) had freed him and so he was very close to the Prophet (saw), He called him and He said take me to al baqi the graveyard in Madina.

I want to go and pay my respects, His family was there His friends and Companions were there so He said I want to go pay my respects one last time and he helped him walk and He went all the way to the graveyard and paid His respects there and afterwards as he was walking back He says to the man whose helping him walk that Allah gave this slave a choice he gave me a choice to continue to live in this world or to depart from this world and go and be with Allah and the man started to cry and he said please tell me i beg you i will do anything tell me that you asked to stay I need you to stay we need you to stay and the Prophet (saw) said no its time for me to go and be with Allah ''Oh Allah I want to be with you and so I mention this last and final point here not to create a sense of morbidity nor to create a sense of giving up on this particular life but to understand that we do have a final destination and we do have a goal and objective and the more we are focused on the goal and the objective and the final destination the more meaningfull the more with diginity and honour and focus and respect we will live this particular life,

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