I have been a perfectionist since my childhood. I remember I used to make a sleek hairstyle when I combed my hairs after the shower. I tried to achieve the highest grade in the class and made every possible effort to be on top. Erasing words again and again with the eraser for correcting mistakes and perfecting the shapes of alphabets was my habit in school. But I was deprived of this privilege of erasing words when I got promoted to 6th grade, where we had to use the pen instead of lead pencils.

I remember I used to put lots of effort in erasing and correcting mistakes in my work before submitting it to the teacher. Aspen leave permanent impressions, and a simple eraser no longer worked, I had to change my method of correcting mistakes. I started using chalk to cover up my mistakes, but they reemerged later.

Then I started using saliva to smudge the ink impressions, which though barred mistakes from re-appearing but often left the page with holes. All my efforts for correcting errors ultimately turned into worse outcomes. My teachers complained of my dirty and messy work. I often got punishments for the holes in my notebooks, while all I was trying to do was to hide my mistakes and to cover up my errors.

Then one day, a kind-hearted teacher called me into his office and asked me about why I don’t stop creating holes in my notebooks. I told him, I don’t deliberately make holes, I try to hide my mistakes. He replied with a great tip “Any time you make a mistake, just cross it and move on.”

He explained,” Trying to erase your mistakes would only damage your book and would eat up even the correct words written over the leaf.”

I protested,” but I do not want people to know about my flaws and shortcomings.” My kind teacher smiled and responded” Trying to erase your mistakes would only waste your time, make more mess and noise about your mistakes and destroy your reputation. Instead, you can put some effort and resources into writing more beautiful words ahead”.

Have you been correcting mistakes committed by you? Cross them and try move onwards. Try to avoid them in future. Aren’t your matters between you and your Lord? He only demands your repentance in silence; A sincere repentance with a promise of avoiding them in future. It is among distinguishing features of Islam that none of the Ibadahs are against the dignity of human being. You do not need to expose your weaknesses in front of people to correct them. Your pure intention is enough for correcting your mistakes, and that’s all.

So, from now onwards, cheer up! Better future is ahead. Let the past go, aim for a better future clean of mistakes.

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